3D Body Forms



Create, sculpt, cast and manufacture a separated body piece and learn how to create stunning effects for films such as a shark attack victim, industrial accidents, a trauma victim for a forensic shoot and war wounds.

Casting a body part (leg, arm or hand)
Pouring techniques with heat active plasticine
Advance sculpting for body forms (trauma e?ecfts)
Advance wall making/manufacturing for stone mould
Creating a mould using advanced stone moulding techniques
Creating a free standing silicone body part
Airbrushing techniques to create forensically correct skin tone
Professional photo shoot

This Beginner's Prosthetics makeup course can be taken part time for one (1) day per week for ten (10) weeks.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

This is an accredited short course and on succesful completion students will receive a statement of attainment for unit CMUMUP502A - Create, present and maintain 3D body forms suited for Cinematography.


Experience this course through the eyes of a student.


“Absolutely life changing! The trainers are enthusiastic, compassionate about sharing their knowledge and skills and are equally as eager for us to succeed. I couldn't have got my dream job without them.”

Sharon K, 3D Body Forms

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