Special Effects - Wounds & Injuries



Learn to recreate a wide range of injuries and trauma using a range of industry-current methods and products, including bruises, burns, cuts, infections, gangrene, gun shot wounds, self defence and self infliction wounds.

Bruises (various stages)
Burns (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th degree, thermal and acid)
Gashes, cuts and grazes
Infected wounds
Boxer injuries
Gun shot injuries
Self defence wounds
Self infliction wounds 

Students are required to have successfully completed the unit CUAMUP401 - Desing, apply and remove make-up.

This Special Effects Wounds and Injuries short course can be taken part time one (1) day per week for four (4) weeks.

All equipment and products will be provided during the course.

This is an accredited short course and on succesful completion students will receive a statement of attainment for unit CUAMUP503 Design and apply special makeup effects 


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