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AACM Alumni Community

The AACM Alumni Community is a network of successful graduates from our courses. This network spans over 700 qualified Makeup Artists who we continue to support after their studies are complete. Through our AACM Alumni Community, we provide ongoing opportunities for work experience, employment, networking and lifelong learning. We continue to mentor and support graduates, opening up our industry network, contacts and opportunities. AACM Alumni receive special offers on AACM courses and continue to receive discounts and benefits from our industry partners.

The Alumni Community is providing our graduates a platform to discuss techniques, share their experience, enhance their network, connect with members, publish news and to share job opportunities where available. AACM is regularly contacted for work experience and paid opportunities and we advertise these exclusively to our Alumni Community.

In the past decades it has become more and more important to actively engage in social and professional networks to foster relationships, explore joint opportunities and to stay in contact with former study colleagues. Learning doesn’t stop with graduation, it continues and is a integral part of the continuous development. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts” – We as Educator are positioning us as the enabler to bring our graduate network together and to provide a platform for lifelong learning.

Our Values to Empower, Share, Respect and Innovate extend to our Alumni Community. We continue to empower students, to motivate, coach and mentor. We continue to share our experience to success as a team. We continue to respect and promote each other’s work to celebrate collaboration and success together. We continue to innovate through creative and visionary thinking to break the boundaries of our industry.

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