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Why Study With Us?

Our Vision

To make specialised quality education for the Special Effects Makeup Industry affordable and worthwhile, supporting students and helping them to get one step closer to their life’s purpose.

Our Mission

To become the leading education provider for the Special Effects Makeup Industry, providing first-class education services to our students. For our students, our mission is to discover their true potential and ability, providing our graduates with the right opportunities for successful career outcomes.

Our Values

  • Empower students, staff, and our partners. To motivate, coach and mentor.
  • Share our experience, knowledge, and resources. To succeed as a team.
  • Respect each other and each other’s work. To celebrate collaboration.
  • Innovate through creativity and visionary thinking. To break boundaries.


The Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup is your ticket to an exciting career in the fashion, television, film, entertainment, hairdressing and makeup industry. We want our expert training to be just the beginning of a very exciting career for each and every one of our students.

Here are just a few reasons to study with us:

  • Exclusive fashion, film and tv makeup courses designed to support your success in the industry
  • Highly specialised hairdressing courses enable you to enter the industry or advance your skills
  • Nationally recognised qualifications to meet the highest standards and industry requirements
  • Educating specialist makeup artists for over 25 years
  • Face-2-Face classes supported by online resources to ensure high quality delivery and support
  • Small class sizes, we care about you and your experience
  • Expert trainers and support staff who also work in the film and fashion industry
  • Selected courses include professional photography shoots to create your individual portfolio
  • Supported learning environment for every learner type
  • Big Alumni and industry network for you to stay connected
  • Ongoing assistance in finding work in the industry
  • Work experience opportunities
Why Study makeup, hairdressing or beauty with AACM Brisbane and Melbourne

Ready to start an exciting career in the makeup industry?

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