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Study while at school

You are a Queensland year 10, 11 or 12 school student wanting to study our exciting makeup courses while still at school? With VET you can!

VET is a government scheme that allows school students to study, while still at school, at Registered Training Organisations, like us. For set days a week you will study at the Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup instead of going to school.

Please contact us for more information and ask you school career advisor if this is an option for you.

The following courses are available to study under the VET School Program:

  • Provide credit points towards the attainment of a Queensland Certificate of Education and/or the attainment of a nationally recognised VET qualification
  • Support your transitions to employment, vocational and higher education pathways
  • Gaining familiarity on how workplaces operate
  • Developing employability skills
  • Developing and improving interpersonal skills
  • Allowing you to explore a potential career path you would like to pursue

For more information, visit Vocational Education and Training in schools

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