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7 Things You Didn’t Expect to Learn in Makeup Courses for Beginners.

There is so much more to learn in an online makeup course than just makeup applications! You can learn to apply make-up online in no time! Being a beginner is nothing to be ashamed of.

During the pandemic, online makeup courses became more and more popular, allowing you to learn at your own pace wherever you are.

It can be frightening at first to enrol on an online makeup course, but you will soon realise that with excellent content materials and the support of your trainers, a makeup fundamentals online course can teach you a lot of things!

1. Doing makeup on others: The first thing you will learn with an online makeup course is to do makeup on other people and not only for yourself, and this is the first step of launching professional makeup services. You might find a lot of tutorials online but learning the right gesture, lighting and how to set your station is specific to a professional course. An online fundamentals makeup course taught by professional makeup artists and accredited trainers is the first step to launching your professional career and providing makeup services.

2. Hygiene: Why hygiene is so important? When applying makeup on you, you can use your own brushes and products but imagine sharing them with other people? If you do not learn how to provide safe and hygienic makeup applications, you expose others to a potential risk of contamination. Safety is also essential when you provide makeup services. Some products require specific guidelines for their utilisation, and you will need to know how to react if your client has an allergic reaction and how to prevent this from happening.

3. The fundamentals: the makeup fundamentals are the essential skills and knowledge that allow you to create any makeup style from corrective to creative. You must understand facial shapes and colour theory to learn how to create great makeup for diverse clients. Colour matching and colour correcting are essential techniques you will need to master for any style of makeup. Understanding the face proportions is a must to create flawless makeup that really enhances your clients’ facial features.

4. Building your kit: A makeup kit is composed of specific products and colours suitable for different skin tones and skin types. The makeup artist does not use the same products as everyday makeup but professional products and brands that allow her to stock a great choice of shades and textures in a mobile kit. You will also learn all the other essential items for a pro kit, such as the palette and knife to decant cream products, disposables items, towels and cape.

5. Research and collate information: All makeup services comes with a brief. Whether you work for clients or a production company, you will always have to research ideas and develop your own designs. Knowing how to research and create a face chart or a mood board is essential for any makeup artist.

6. Design a range of makeup styles: Eyeliner, red lipstick, smokey eyes…these looks are often the most requested but not the easiest ones to learn. A fundamental online makeup course will teach you how to create day and evening makeup for different occasions. When you will start providing professional makeup services, you will need to have a range of style and techniques you can offer to your clients.

7. Create a bridal makeup: weddings are coming back! And there are a lot of brides looking for a professional makeup artist. But bridal makeup is not your everyday makeup! You will need to learn how to create flawless makeup that can last for the day, does not flashback on camera, resist tears and sweat and looks good when captured by the camera. Bridal makeup is pretty specific, and you will need to make sure of the look you will be creating, as you also need to work fast when looking after a bridal party.

A fundamental online makeup course must provide you with all the information you need to learn: Tutorial videos, learner guides and assessments process to validate your skills and knowledge. Enjoy your new journey becoming a makeup artist! Learning a new skill online has never been easier!


Charlotte Ravet