Are You Looking for a Short Makeup Course Online?

Are You Looking for a Short Makeup Course Online?


It’s no secret, the Film and Television and Makeup Industry in Australia is booming. It’s the perfect time for emerging artists to enter the makeup industry and create a successful career as a professional artist. With endless study options and many different delivery methods available, it can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate, which is why a short online makeup course could be just what you’re looking for.


Before committing to a 12-24 month course, it is great to begin with a short course to get a feel for what niches and styles you enjoy working with and which career path you want to pursue to further steer your career in the right direction. Short courses are also ideal for those already in the creative industries looking to broaden their skill set and expand their expertise. At AACM we understand that it can be a juggling act to balance work, life and dream commitments, which is why our short courses are designed to help you achieve your goals without the added stress and compromise. 


Whether you’re wanting to broaden your skill set and expand on the services you provide, or are wanting to take the first steps towards your dream career, you really can’t go wrong with a short makeup course online. From Lash and Brow Artistry or Airbrush Makeup, all the way up to more in depth Makeup Fundamental courses, AACM has a range of short online makeup courses and workshops on offer.


Learn from professional artists/teachers in a collaborative, diverse, creative environment. With small online class numbers to maximize your learning potential, consistent engagement and support throughout your online studies, class and course content, you will be set to confidently hit the ground running with your makeup kit in hand.  If all of this has you itching to get started, head to our course website at


Shaelin Anderson