Our Partners

Social Media College

At Social Media College we are passionate about social media and all of its possibilities. We push the boundaries of what’s possible and encourage our students to drive the industry forward with innovative ideas and creative marketing strategies.

Social media has completely revolutionised the way in which people create, consume and share information. Used effectively, social media can build brand awareness, improve brand loyalty, boost search engine rankings, increase web traffic, convert more customers and lower marketing costs. 

Our course writers and course mentors are all practising social media experts who apply their real-world experiences to your learning. Choose an exciting and innovative education with a personal approach and graduate with the skills and industry connections you need to make your social media marketing dreams a reality.

Visit us on Facebook or  http://www.socialmediacollege.com


Laneway International College

At Laneway, we have developed a unique approach to education. We have thrown out the old classroom rules and empower students to become entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs. Our methodology combines Project-Based Learning, Design Thinking and Networking. This has created one of a kind courses that focus on real world outcomes, business innovation and industry engagement.

Our specialist courses in Business (Entrepreneurship), Marketing (Digital and Social) and Leadership and Management (Intrapreneurship) are led by entrepreneurs, business coaches and start-up founders; who share their wealth of knowledge and experience, supporting our students to harness their creativity and find innovative solutions to business problems.

Visit us on Facebook or http://laneway.edu.au


Canvas LMS

Canvas is a cloud-based Learning Management System that makes teaching and learning easier.
Our tools are designed to be used online, on mobile and on tablet. But most of all, they're designed to be used. Watch the short introduction video and you’ll see what we mean, or get started with your free trial.

Canvas is a different way of thinking, backed by a team of over 1,100+ Instructure employees globally – with a shared dream of using the latest advances in technology to change the world of education for the better.

Why are we different? Instructure isn't a traditional education company; it's a technology startup with an open, progressive attitude. That means we're able to meet the demands of our customers in education, but also encourage them to adopt new ways of thinking. Our goal is to create products that make a real, tangible difference to the lives of teachers and students.