I came across AACM by accident. I was at point in my life where I was purely alive, but not living. Just hearing about what this school could offer had me wide-eyed in awe. I signed up the second I could and buckled up for one of the wildest most educational rides of my life. I found myself in the Diploma of Cinemagraphic room every Friday with AACM trainer and makeup expert, Shannon. To say that Shannon made my AACM days some of the best moments in my life is an understatement. I had never met someone with such aptitude and passion for teaching. Until of course, award winning Chad Atkinson came to teach my class special effects and prosthetics. Chad's method of teaching is out of this world, non-stop, enjoyable fun! I feel so honoured to have learnt from such knowledgeable heads - and continue to do so. Not many schools offer support once graduated and I'm happy to say, I didn't go to one of those schools. I am gifted with around the clock support and encouragement from all staff at AACM (whether they taught me or not). My makeup career has boomed working onset films, photo shoots, music clips and anything the world will throw at me. I guess everything does happen for a reason and stumbling across AACM was no accident.

Rebecca W

I loved every minute of the Cinemagraphic course at ACCM. I didn't want it to end. The teachers were true professionals in their field and shared there knowledge, skills and passion. The course provided up to date techniques and only the best of everything was provided. I now feel prepared and equipped to enter a new career. I'm excited by the opportunities the course has opened up for me.

Gina N

I was pleasantly blown away by the calibre of knowledge willingly shared by the school and the teachers at AACM.  With the exceptional training they provided I now feel confident enough to perform in a professional manner and provide the looks and skills future employers are looking for in film and television. This school is fun, encouraging and the teachings were very informative. I have made many good friends and contacts in the industry. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of doing the Cinemagraphic Makeup Course to choose this school!


AACM inspired and impressed me from the Open Day and continues to do so even after I've graduated my Diploma of Cinemagraphic makeup. The team of staff and trainers always went to great lengths to ensure that I had all the support I needed. Learning from a variety of different trainers was incredibly advantageous; each of them were undeniably skilled, professional and passionate. The entire staff were willing to mentor me one on one and do their best to assist me with finding work during and after my studies. AACM always has their finger on the pulse in terms of current techniques, products and the professional creative industries - which is so vital in the makeup field. I found the makeup kit they supplied with the course to be of the highest quality that I've seen. I feel that I gained the confidence and skills that I was looking for and I did not make the commitment to AACM lightly but I am very glad that I did.

Stephanie E

I chose to do this course in order to compliment my Diploma of Cinemagraphic Makeup. The fundamentals of hairstyling were taught so clearly that classic to contemporary styles can now be created with confidence and flair. This course has been a great boost to my confidence as a makeup artist also, as it has helped me to acquire a range of work due to these extra skills.

Megan S

here isn't enough words in the English vernacular to express my thoughts and gratitude for AACM. The entire teaching and admin staff are just exceptional. At the age of 29 I decided that I wanted to do more than work and pay bills, and that I wanted to get into film and TV makeup. I completed the Certificate II in Makeup and then went on to completed my Diploma of Cinemagraphic Makeup with head trainer Paige (who I am in awe of) and Chad. After completing my Diploma of Cinemagraphic Makeup I jumped straight in to the Advanced Prosthetics Course with Chad which was one of the most challenging but rewarding experiences in my life. The staff at AACM are so supportive and encouraging, and are all still working in the industry with real experiences and advice. I would recommend this school to anyone who is passionate about makeup and wants to chase their dream. Everyone that works here is an amazing sound board to any ideas and dreams that you have. There are no ends to what you can achieve at AACM with these amazing people!

Kylie B

I came across AACM when I was looking for a makeup course that specialised in film. Four months later, I was stepping into the classroom. The course content is well thought out and contains the important aspects that a student should know before they jump head on into this crazy industry we call ‘show business’. The class tutorials/demos are in-depth and the assessments are fun and challenging. Overall, I could not fault this course. However, of all the positive elements, one thing stands out the most. The teachers. They go above and beyond. Their combined experience and time spent in the industry is astounding and just to be surrounded by them every day is extremely motivating. What I found most valuable were the stories, advice and wisdom they were always so willing to share. They are total ‘rockstars’ and masters of their craft. How lucky I was to have learnt first hand from such successful, hard-working artists. When you enjoy yourself as much as I did, you'll realise that this course goes scarily quick. AACM offers a stimulating, nurturing environment for all and as such it is only fair that you give 100% of your heart and soul to it when you step through those doors.

Lexi S

Attending AACM has been an absolute Life changing experience for me. Having completed my Diploma of Cinemagraphic Makeup in 2012, I was both nervous and anxious to step out into the wondrous and forever changing world of makeup and special effects. Though AACM has demonstrated astounding support along the way. Not only are the trainers enthusiastic and compassionate about sharing their knowledge and skills, they are equally as eager for us to succeed. I have since returned to the Academy to further my skills in 3D Bodyform and Advanced Special Effects which has lead me down a path towards my dream job. I couldn't have done it without them.

Sharon K

I have loved completing my Diploma of Cinemagraphic Makeup with AACM.  Over the year I have learnt so much & gained many new skills.  With fair amounts of theory & practical, and loads of support from the educators I am confident I have the skills to work in the industry. I highly recommend AACM & am keen to do more courses in the near future!

Bec L

I wish the course went for longer! I have had an amazing time meeting great people, had amazing opportunities and definitely made friends for life. The course content was great, I enjoyed all parts of the assessments. I will be keeping touch with AACM for future workshops, work and the people!  I recommend people to do this course, I had the best time

Jessie G

Studying at AACM has been the best decision I’ve made for my career, the trainers were my favourite part and I learnt so many new skills and techniques. I can not thank them enough, I have and will highly recommend this school!

Katrina M