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Nikki Gooley, Employer

I have been working in the film and television industry for 25 years. I have been able to provide work experience and casual paid work positions for ex students of AACM on several projects.

AACM students are well rounded, creative, responsible and think outside the box. They have good product knowledge and are able to use their learned skills. Their training is, in my opinion, the highest standard in Australia. The teachers are active in the industry on current big and low budget films and therefore up to date on standards, creative practices, product training and development.

AACM offer ongoing mentoring after graduation. They are supported during some of the hardest times in a very competitive industry,

I have no hesitation in recommending students of AACM.

Anita Caffyn, Employer

Kryolan Australia has been associated with AACM for over 15 years since Oscar winner, Peter Frampton, established the academy. The academy has played a key role in propelling the makeup education in Australia and produced many high quality graduates who are now the leaders of the makeup industry.
At Kryolan, we are passionate about being part of the education of Australia’s next up and coming makeup artists. Many of our makeup artist clients are indeed AACM graduates who went on to have successful careers in Film and TV, Theatre and Bridal Industries. In the past, we have taken on students from AACM, and will continue to employ students as they graduate with full skills, knowledge and confidence to perform the tasks and duties required in the industry.

Paige Badenoch, Employer

We like representing AACM graduate artists because we know they have the most current and up to date training, job readiness to start working on set immediately and possess proper industry on set etiquette and health and hygiene standards. AACM graduates are always professional with high skills to be working with high profile clients, elite industry artists and celebrity clientele.
The Queensland Medical Skills Council was so impressed by the realism and quality of the SFX injuries created by our AACM Graduates.
All feedback we receive from out clients have met AACM graduate artists is always positive and the delivery of creative briefs is above and beyond.

When contacted by young artists on the best place to study to learn makeup, we have no hesitations in recommending the Australian Academy of Cinemagraphic Makeup. AACM has become the leader in the Australian creative industry, in training some of Australia’s top artists and launching many young artist careers. Their passion to train students to a high calibre is proven in the industry with graduates gaining employment working with Emmy, Oscar and BAFTA Award Winning Artists.

Jessie G, Graduate

I wish the course went for longer! I have had an amazing time meeting great people, had amazing opportunities and definitely made friends for life. The course content was great, I enjoyed all parts of the assessments. I will be keeping touch with AACM for future workshops, work and the people! I recommend people to do this course, I had the best time

Li-Sa C, Graduate

I was pleasantly blown away by the calibre of knowledge willingly shared by the school and the teachers at AACM. With the exceptional training they provided I now feel confident enough to perform in a professional manner and provide the looks and skills future employers are looking for in film and television. This school is fun, encouraging and the teachings were very informative. I have made many good friends and contacts in the industry. I would highly recommend anyone thinking of doing the Cinemagraphic Makeup Course to choose this school!

Gina N, Graduate

I loved every minute of the Cinemagraphic course at ACCM. I didn’t want it to end. The teachers were true professionals in their field and shared their knowledge, skills and passion. The course provided up to date techniques and only the best of everything was provided. I now feel prepared and equipped to enter a new career. I’m excited by the opportunities the course has opened up for me.

Rebecca W, Graduate

I came across AACM by accident. I was at point in my life where I was purely alive, but not living. Just hearing about what this school could offer had me wide-eyed in awe. I signed up the second I could and buckled up for one of the wildest most educational rides of my life. To say that Shannon made my AACM days some of the best moments in my life is an understatement. I had never met someone with such aptitude and passion for teaching. I feel so honoured to have learnt from such knowledgeable heads – and continue to do so. Not many schools offer support once graduated and I’m happy to say, I didn’t go to one of those schools. I am gifted with around the clock support and encouragement from all staff at AACM (whether they taught me or not). My makeup career has boomed working onset films, photo shoots, music clips and anything the world will throw at me. I guess everything does happen for a reason and stumbling across AACM was no accident.
If you are someone that is creative, knowledge hungry, open minded and a little weird. I’d 100% recommend studying Cinemagraphic Makeup. And if you’re someone wanting to study Cinemagraphic Makeup, you’d be silly not to choose AACM. If I had to sum up AACM in one word, it would be ‘quality’.

Meghan S, Graduate

I wanted to study at AACM because it seemed like the best school to learn at, with plenty of course options/subjects and opportunities. My first impression of AACM was really good; I think of my class and teachers as a family. I really enjoy studying here, every subject is so interesting and the teachers are really good at what they do.
My life has changed quite a bit since studying at AACM. I moved from Perth [to Brisbane] just so I could specifically study at this school with this course. I haven’t regretted any of it, I’ve gained some great friends and have had so many great opportunities so far; I can’t wait for the next ones.

Shylie P, Graduate

I personally liked the range of things that were taught. We were not just taught OH&S and basic makeup techniques like most schools offer, but we went into the background, on set education, script breakdowns, realism techniques and a more advanced level of prosthetics that wasn’t offered at other schools. I also got to learn from such highly regarded and experienced artists in the industry themselves.
The course taught such great behind the scenes knowledge of what goes on set. Without that you would be walking in blind without the crucial tools you need. Our teachers were able to give us so much information from personal experiences in their careers, which has been so beneficial; they are the best!
I am frequently recommending AACM to anyone serious about getting into the film makeup industry. I have always gotten such huge support from the school and teachers, from studying, to now; the support has always been there. You can’t get that from many schools!

Georgina R, Graduate

AACM has changed my life. I have been able to start and launch a career I didn’t think was possible in special effects makeup due to the incredible support from the wonderful staff. I learnt skills that have been invaluable, transferable and they have prepared me for real industry application.The small class sizes made it more personal and much easier to fully grasp the concepts taught and build connections with the fantastic and highly experienced teachers. I was able to immediately go out and start working in the industry with a full kit and portfolio and felt confident to start working. Long after my graduation, I have received support; AACM has helped me develop both personally and professionally and I am forever grateful for my time here.

Lexi S, Graduate

My first job came through AACM and led to other future work. Working as a personal assistant on 2 feature films has given me the best look at how a makeup/hair department runs. It is stressful and sometimes overwhelming, but very rewarding and the most exciting aspect of my career so far. AACM helped give me the basic foundation of makeup as well as the confidence to work in an industry I always dreamed of but was scared to pursue. I enjoyed my time at AACM and would recommend them over any of the other schools out there teaching film makeup. They provide valuable teachers and guidance.

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