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6 Perks You’ll Only Get When Studying Professional Makeup Courses

Whether practising on different skin types or having access to various products and brands, professional and nationally recognised makeup schools offer many irreplaceable benefits. In this blog post we will highlight how a professional makeup course can help you to get to the next level.

There are plenty of tutorial videos online to help you to learn how to apply makeup. But what can a professional makeup course teach you above and beyond what you can learn for free online?

  1. The first thing you will learn in a professional makeup course is … how to apply makeup professionally. This includes hygiene procedures, using products in sequence order, applying corrective makeup, creating a face chart, filling out a consultation form, and more! Even if the biggest makeup artists are now sharing their best makeup tips through masterclasses, there are so many more things a makeup artist must know, and studying at a professional makeup academy in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne can indeed teach you these things.
  2. Hair, SPFX, wigs and much more. Makeup artists are required to do much more than just makeup. And if your dream is to work on films, TV, and photoshoots, you will need to know how to create hairstyles, wigs and special effects. Learning these particular skills can only be learned through a professional makeup course. Using solvents and chemicals and knowing how to use them professionally can only be taught by experienced industry professionals. They will also teach you the trade tips and share their previous experiences with you.
  3. Communicate and work with a crew. Makeup artists work on a range of projects, editorial photoshoots, film, TV and productions. Understanding who are the persons you will be working with is crucial. You will need to understand who is in charge of a budget and artistic direction, you will need to be able to answer a brief, how to participate in pre-production meetings, and how to invoice your clients. Many factors can impact the overall result of the makeup application, such as the weather, time, budget, resources available and the lighting. You can discuss anything prior to the shooting day and work as a team with the crew you will be working with. If you are professional and know how to formulate your requests, you will have all the information you need and be able to meet the requirements for any specific job.
  4. Conducting a client consultation: It is not always obvious to understand the look your client wants. The perception of smokey eyes or sophisticated makeup can be very different from one client to another. You will learn which questions to ask prior to the appointment to ensure client satisfaction and how to use visuals to serve your client’s needs best. You will also learn what contra-indications are and how to handle adverse reactions to cosmetic products. Finally, communicating with your client is essential to receive feedback, adjust the look if required, and collect reviews for your services.
  5. Marketing your services: One of the biggest questions you might have prior enrolling into a professional makeup course is how you can find your first clients and create a network. If you enrol with a professional makeup academy in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne studying a diploma in screen and media, you will also learn how to create a freelance business and build a network in the industry. There are plenty of opportunities for makeup artists, but you will need to learn the rules of communication and marketing to find your first clients. When studying a professional makeup course, you will understand all of this by learning how to create a website, post on social media, send an invoice, and maintain a sustainable income. Following a professional makeup course also teaches you how to be your own boss and set up your own business!
  6. Building your team. When studying at a professional makeup academy in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne, you will meet new people and create new connections. Your classmates are probably going to be your colleagues when working as professional makeup artists later. The friendships you will be making in class will be your work relationships after your graduation.


Enrolling into a professional makeup course is undoubtedly the first step to start your dream career! It is an important decision to make, but you will soon realise how many things you will learn that you might not even have thought of.


Charlotte Ravet