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Infection Prevention and Control Skill Set HLTSS00065

Help to fight the spread of COVID-19. This skill set will prepare you to follow basic organisational infection prevention and control policies and procedures and is suitable for Business Owners, ABN Holders, Sole Traders or Retail Workers in the retail industry.


Diploma of Screen and Media in Specialist Make-up Services Online

Get ready for a big, non-stop, action packed course! The Diploma of Screen and Media in Specialist Make-up Services covers makeup and hair for film, television, fashion, editorial and special effects and is one of the highest qualification you can receive in Australia. For those passionate about the art of makeup effects, character and creature makeup, the Diploma of Screen and Media is the course for you.


Makeup Fundamentals

Makeup Fundamentals is AACM’s bespoke course for those wanting to master the foundations of makeup application online. Our virtual classroom with live practical sessions and professional video content allows you to develop the skills and knowledge at your own pace. Pick the brains of your lecturer and get expert feedback in real time with ease in our limited class sizes.
You will learn a wide range of techniques including how to: perform makeup consultations, correctly analyse face shapes and features, colour theory, as well as skin types and cleansing. You’ll also be taught a variety of evening makeup looks, including the classics like a smokey eye, winged liner, and red lips. Day Makeup looks cover nude tones and natural colours to softly enhance the features.