Advanced Bald Caps


Specifically designed for professional makeup artists who want to improve their bald cap skills to more advanced techniques for 360 filming with High Definition camera's . Using the latest industry products such as Silicone, Watermelon and Super Baldiez to create the ultimate edgeless customised bald caps.

Create bald caps with Silicone, Watermelon and Super Baldiez
Learn how to manafacture bald caps off a head cast for the ultimate fit
Learn how to hair wrap long hair for a bald cap application 
Apply bald caps for 360 filming 
Colouring techniques to create a realistic skin tone finish for HD cameras

There are no prerequisites for this course , however we strongly advise all students have made and applied a custom made latex bald cap before undertaking this course,  as you will be learning more advanced methods.

The Advanced Bald Caps short course can be taken part time one (1) day per week for four (4) weeks.

All equipment and products will be provided during the course. You will be required to bring a model for measurements on the first day of the course and on the last day for application and a photo shoot.

This is a non-accredited course. Students will recieve a certificate of participation upon completion of the course.


Experience this course through the eyes of a student.


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