This is a unique 10 week short course created for people interested in cosplay and who want to learn the manufacturing and application of costume, props , wigs , and make-up is taught by award winning Film and TV specialists and award winning cosplay costumer and performer Foo Fighter. Learn how to create and manufacture high quality custom made cosplay costumes and armour.

Beginner prop creation and manufacture of a cosplay weapon or armour
Specific prop-painting techniques
Beginner wig knotting of a human hair facial moustache 
Wig dressing , wig hair wrapping preparation and human hair lace wig application 
Creating , manafacturing and painting a armoured helmet

Award winning cosplayer Foo Fighter shows you how to design and manafacture csutom cosplay outfits and how to manafacture cosplay wings.

There are no prerequisites for this course.

This Cosplay course runs for one (1) day a week for ten (10) weeks (Sunday's)

All materials and resources are provided. Students are encouraged to also bring along additional costume and styling to enhance the look of thier photo shoot. 

This is a non-accredited course. Students will recieve a certificate of participation upon the completion of the course along with 4 hi res digital photographs from the photo shoot. 


Experience this course through the eyes of a student.


Ready to start an exciting career in the makeup industry?